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Get in on the ground floor of a new MC server operation startup. Come hang out with a great group of friendly players, mature staff and myself. We are still shaping the world with factions, homes, economy, chest shops and scenery. We have Creative, PVP, Raid and Griefers and Survival Worlds. We can currently accept more dedicated players who play daily and want a good home to help us shape our world the way our players want it.

WE DO NOT NEED/WANT/DESIRE/REQUIRE REVIEWS OR STAFF!!!! Don't come here expecting to find some idiot that is going to op you. Not going to happen. We only give creative (besides Creatism) to those that earn it. We may consider staff in the future, keep in mind we pick current members with active gametime. If your goal is anything besides having fun there are probably other servers better suited to your wants. Players who support the server over time will be considered for staff.


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