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Owner: stardustrider Admin: TTFTCUTS

Due to the sheer number of mods and unique config files, we use MCUpdater to distribute and maintain our own private server pack. You will need to register and login on the forum to view the information to access this.


The Lychnobi Minecraft Server was originally a private server for a close group of friends looking to play together on their own world. This was two years ago. Since then, we have cycled through playing on Vanilla, through Bukkit (with plenty of plugins!) to ForgeBukkit, and now we're running on a BukkitForge foundation! We are now hoping to expand and invite new players to join the server, where they can enjoy the game and its content in peace and harmony!

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Server Hardware

We've used various hosts in the past, all VPS's, and at the time they met our needs, but due to the increasing number of mods we use, and the unfortunate death of ForgeBukkit (which will hopefully be replaced by MCPC-Plus soon!) we have had to move to a dedicated server to match the increasing demands that Minecraft puts forth! She is a hungry beast!

The server runs on the following:

Intel Core i3-2130 @ 3.40GHz


2x 1000 Gb

100 Mbps



We play with all of the major client/server content mods, including the following: IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, RedPower, MystCraft, Twilight Forest, Forestry, Thermal Expansion, RailCraft, ComputerCraft, ExtraBiomesXL, GregTech, Metallurgy and Equivalent Exchange.

We update the mods fairly regularly to combat bugs and acquire additional pyl.....content!

We are a friendly bunch, so if you have a mod or Bukkit plugin suggestion/request, we'll happily look into it and consider adding it to the server



Overall MAJOR rule: Don't be a dick. Pure and simple.

Be respectful of your fellow players and their space.

  • Unless mutually agreed, try not to build close to others. This allows for everyone to have enough space to expand and not have to fight over resources

Don't grief.

  • No large scale destruction, or small scale annoyances and block placing/destruction.
  • No stealing of items, resources or blocks.
  • No starting of large forest fires.

No killing other players.

  • PVP is currently disabled. Utilising the environment, machines or any other method to do so is not allowed.

No cheating, hacking or using client mods that add an advantage

  • Anyone caught using client-side mods in order to cheat or gain an advantage will be banned permanently. This includes, but not limited to x-ray, fly-mod, sun-mod, highlight-mod, etc.
  • You're free to add extra mods to your client as you see fit, but if you are unsure of a client-side mod, please ask an admin before using it.

Don't spam chat.

  • Don't spam the chat box ever. This includes, but not limited to reptitive text (especially ad nauseum repitition), typing in all CAPS or AlTeRnAtInG caps, or a spam hack.
  • If a hack is used to do so, a swift banhammer hit will be fired.

Don't harass admins (OPs) or other players

  • Don't harass an admin for anything, unless there is a problem. We're a survival server, and admins are not obligated, nor are they supposed to give players teleports, items or OP status.
  • Don't harass players by doing anything that is detrimental to another players experience. This includes false accusations of griefing.
  • We do not tolerate racism of any kind.
  • Do not sexually harass other players. Do not make sexist remarks. We run a server and community that promotes equality amongst all genders, and we don't tolerate any belittling of other players' gender.

Do not abuse bugs or exploits

  • If something is clearly a bug or exploit, please inform an admin.
  • If you are found to be giving yourself items through an exploit or bug, you will be banned.
  • Just because it is present, it does not class it as a part of the game. If you are found to be excessively exploiting a bug, appropriate action will be taken.

Restricted Use of Symbols

  • If a symbol has any correlation to a racist meaning (or anything else that violates the "Do not Harass" rule), then it is not allowed.
  • This includes creating the general shape of an offensive symbol (whether it is meant to be offensive or not) as well as building a symbol that clearly breaks the "Do Not Harass" rule.
  • Any symbol that explicitly corresponds to a non-offensive symbol may not violate this rule, pending admin approval. If you have not received the approval from an admin, then there is no guarantee that it does not violate this rule.

Don't Build Sky Penises

  • This is a very simple rule. Do not build a vertical block tower going straight up into the sky. (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, etc...).

Don't Advertise Other Servers

  • We don't tolerate people advertising other servers, just as those other servers probably wouldn't like us going in their server telling people to join ours.
  • If you want to play on another server with your friends, please message them privately, not posting the IP publicly in the server.

Do Not Disclose Non-Public Information (Warning/Ban)

  • Do not disclose personal information (your own or another's) that is susceptible to identity theft, financial theft, or harassment, including (but not limited to) home addresses, phone numbers, passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Lychnobi administrators and moderators will never formally request any identification information for any reason.

Do Amazing Things (OR ELSE!!)

  • You'll be considered a very boring person if you don't.

Derping is Allowed, But No Herping

  • Hey, everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and that's okay! However, consecutively breaking rules on purpose will make us not like you very much, and that would honestly suck!

Respect public and wild areas.

  • Floating leaves, half-cut trees, random water/lava covered mountains and half finished piles of plain cobble houses are a huge annoyance. Don't do it.
  • If you deforest an area for resources, why not replant some of the saplings to keep the area looking nice?
  • Try not to make huge ugly marks on the world/surface. If you really need an absolutely massive amount of stone/sand/gravel, then do it underground or try to mask it. Use your head about this. Ask others for ideas or inspiration!

Respect the server itself

  • You should avoid doing things that cause any kind of lag on the server. The server itself isn't weak by any measure, so each case will be treated individually, but try to keep anything you think could cause lag to a minimum. If you're unsure, ask an admin.


When posting, please be sure that the content of your post does not violate our Terms of Service.
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