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  • #1 lorenzo9980

    Hello there EST CRAFT my name is Lorenzo. I just recintly bought op under the name jasonjman11 and some hacker IP BANNED ME. I was wondering if u could unban me please I REALLY LIKE THIS SERVER (Posted on 11/14/12), KAJAR IIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! LONG LIVE KAJAR!!!!!!!!!!!! (well I am not sure who banned me just could u unban me :)

  • #2 Maxicat12

    It won't let me on!


  • #3 One77

    Great server.. I reccommend it to you!

  • #4 iBirk2303

    I was on the server for about a day and I was wanting some money so i bought the trimilionaire package and i waited 20 minutes and i still didnt get the ign money. I said they were scammers and they banned me! THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS!

  • #5 MCEpicness101

    Acid Rein Cracked Minecraft Server! 

    This Is A Very Nice Server That Has Very Nice Staff And A Very Great Community. We Will Always Respect Everyone That Joins Us And Will Help Out As Often As Possible. 

    ::Note:: Please Read This All 

    This Server Will Be Almost 24/7 Only Being Down For Short Periods Of Time When A New Plugin Is Being Added Or It Need A Restart. There Is Also Very Little Lag. 

    We Are, Currently, Looking For Staff But DON'T Go Onto The Server And Right Away Ask "Can I Be Admin?" We Will Say NO. We Want To Find People That We Trust And We Know Wont Make Our Server Crumple Down After Being Up For Only A Short Period Of Time. 

    We Are Only A Small Community, For Now, But We Are Hoping To Rapidly Grow And Become The Best Server On The Web! 

    Now For The Server Info 


    Major Plugins: Factions, iConomy, Jobs, Marriage, Mob Arena, Pvp Arena, Multiverse, PlotMe SignShop Tree Cutter, Uber Forest, Etc Etc Etc... 

    Owner: MCEpicness101 
    Co-Owner: nub 
    Admins: N/A! 
    Builders: N/A

  • #6 MCallTheway404

    whats the password? it wont let me do anything without it


  • #7 rezija123

    ha ha ha

  • #8 ItzJuJu

    can I join plz I know how to make a cobblestone generator

  • #9 I_Am_The_Beast

    its a laggy server

  • #10 I_Am_The_Beast

    i can help my username is I_Am_The_Beast

  • #11 ITSMEGABErblx


  • #12 Xtrong

    It says "can't reach server" when I add it to my server list. Is it down?

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