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Server Website: Punkcraft is a fun PVE/PVP server with lots of great features. The server is constantly being updated so there will never be a dull momment while you play. At spawn you will find many useful rescources such as a public enchanting table, plugin wall with a list of common commands with helpful tips, a warp room, and player markets. Some of our plugins consist of: McMMo: With this plugin players are able to keep track of ingame stats such as swords, axes, archery, woodcutting, mining, etc. Youre also able to create parties with your friends to gain extra experience making leveling so much easier. Each skill you can level gives ingame enhancements for better pvp or pve experiences. McJobs: Money makes the world go round so get that pickaxe and make some money honey. Players are allowed a total of 4 jobs that can consist of anything between crafting weapons and armor to baking a cake. The harder you work at your jobs the more it pays. Want to get paid for digging dirt? You can now. Factions: Power in numbers. With this plugin players are able to form Guilds aka Factions. In a faction youre allowed to claim land to protect your area from most threats, although protected players are still vulnerable to tnt cannons other factions might build in order to raid enemy faction chests for loot. LWC: LWC adds extra protection to player chests. Though the thought seems stupid to most, it actually doesnt hinder raiding one bit. TNT will destroy all protected Faction land and chests. An experienced raider will always carry enough materials to build a tnt cannon. Mob Arena: If you want a more PVE based experience then this plugin will appeal to you. You can join an arena where players team up against waves of Monsters with a Boss at stage 10. You are able to choose classes such as Tank, Archer, and Knight. The longer your team survives in this wave based mob arena the greater the rewards are. BattleNight: Want to pvp with no risk? Well this plugin is similar to Mob Arena in that you get to choose a class to fight with. Players are grouped into 2 teams, red and blue. Once a team has no more players left in the arena the match is over. Trade: Punkcraft allows player trading which is simple and easy to do. When you see a player youd like to trade with simply with a right click you can initiate player trading. The server has a variety of players and caring staff. If you need help the owner will personally assist you and is more than willing to lend you a hand in building that epic mansion you've always wanted. Don't wait any longer. The server you've always wanted is right here waiting for you to enjoy!


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This server either has no mods installed, or doesn't respond to public queries. Please enable public queries, or ask your server admin, on your server to list players and mods. This will help users find your server.


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