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Hello fellow Minecraft Player, Today I come to you about Horizon Gaming official release of our Minecraft Server. Our goal is to become one of the biggest English community there is not just in minecraft but in other games also. I personally miss playing on a friendly non advantage minecraft server so this is why I decided to create HzG Minecraft, to give everyone the chance to play fair in a friendly environment. We have several Features here is the following features Creative & Survival Mode We have a special all in one feature. Are you tired of playing survival and want to go and be creative? Well this is the feature for you, we have a command that teleports you into a creative world with creative mode to tell you build your imagination. You may use /creative to goto the creative world & /survival to come back to the survival world. Factions Create your own faction without applying, you may use /f create. Take note that if your faction goes inactive it will automatically be disbanded. iConomy You may earn money by selling items to buy other items, if you want to visit our shop then type /warp shop Alright here are our rules Stealing & Griefing is not tolerated PVP is allowed Do not make 1x1 blocks up to the sky Use of any illegal modifications will lead you to be banned Hacking will be a permanent ban Do not vandalize any town slots. Spawn Killing isn't allowed Do not spam If any of those rules are broken then you will possibly be jailed or banned (Depending on how big was the problem) Our Staff team is very mature and have loads of knowledge in minecraft & bukkit. They will always be there to assist. So join Horizon Gaming today for loads of fun and a entertainment Website: www.hzgaming.net Forums: www.hzgaming.net/forum Teamspeak 3: ts.hzgaming.net:9987 Premium: https://hzgaming.buycraft.net/


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  • #1 raxinioca

    hey guess what that admin shaur is awesome he banned me and my friends for "X-rayying" because we had a decent amount of iron he asked to see our mine but we had mined it else where and moved village. So yeah if you go on this server dont get too much ore or else shaur will find you he will throw a hissy fit and ban you if you type back to him in a normal calm manner he will ban you and your friends FOREVER!!! so be warned this server sucks!

    With love from raxinoca sam_s0n and alexmorrison14


    P.S. while typing this shaur sent my friend this: There is an admin on this server who bans you because he is "feeling a bit of a bitch today" so have fun and try to avoid shaur. 

    P.S.S. We were also being attacked by other players and the admins didn't do anything the admins suck dont join this server find a better one and by better i mean half-decent

  • #2 jjcowgill

    This server is total ****. The second I joined an admin decided to spawn 50 cave spiders on me and then when I escaped turned invisible and killed me. When I respawn I typed /back to get my items back and he proceeded to kill me again. **** This Server.

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