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Welcome to BeardedCraft.

Coming up on Month Six, we've been a very successful and lively server since Day One.

Most notoriously known for being a Yogscast Fan Server,

We accommodate everyone of all ages, race, shapes, sizes.

At BeardedCraft, you're encouraged to expand and re-create your imagination.

Bring it to life on our virtual world of blank canvas.

With endless options to play the survival game-mode,

You're guaranteed to make friends that help shape your MineCraft journey.

We're different than any other community you've been a part of.


Join us and find out.



bcLore - By: Ecrinson

One day, far, far from now... Okay maybe not that far. They were just two people with normal lives, until they came; until it rose. They were just in the right place at the right time. They never expected it, they never wanted it to happen. It. Just. Did.

They were just building, these two, just like any normal day. When suddenly, everything burst into flames, all they created was gone, turned into nether rack, to dust, to nothing. They looked up to find, Israphel and Herobrine, smirking down at them. They summoned zombies, skeletons, creepers, pigmen, blazes, all of it, all of the hostile mobs, including angered wolves. The two fought with all they might to save this lovely world they oh so loved, then they came. Honeydew and Xephos, they came just in time to save the two, they came to finish what they started, yet after some time, they were falling. Israphel and Herobrine were getting the upper hand. When, more came.

They were friends of the two people, Mike and Nick, they were IDwLoD, David, Ajz, Ellunas and Rabid. They came in, nodded at the two and joined them in the fight, which now, turned into a war. Honeydew and Xephos approved of this, as they the more help they can get, the better. They, then, got the upper hand. Everything was going to well to be true, that when Israphel hatched another plan. He increased the rate of the summoning and made wave. This surprised them, and caught them off guard, which meant that they fell into the wave of mobs and got separated as they were back to back with each other in the middle of them all. Then, others rushed in.

Lumpy, Lime, Rob, Meko and Ryan. They came and brought everyone back in the circle. They were friend of the six and there they fought off many, they were unstoppable, or so they thought. Israphel thought of a better plan. He thought that they had no more coming in to help them, so he teleported their loved ones to him and put them in a barrier, saying ''If you don't surrender now, they will be killed, in front of you, with no regrets. So what will it be?'' The wave stopped, to let the fighters think of their answer. And well of course, they put themselves out there to save the ones they loved. And knelt down, bracing themselves for the finishing blows. When just before they could take the hits. The mobs were stopped, and the barrier, was taken down. They people in it were opposite Israphel and Herobrine. And, in front of the people were SnowyAssassin, Joren_D, Meh_Fighter_Dan, rowbolger, Pacture, Alex, KittyQueen, Skylord, Drags, Xu and Poke. They took the loved ones to a place safe and protected them from harm, with something special the eleven have in common and joined the fight to suppress Israphel and Herobrine.

Israphel has now run out of all his plans and looks to Herobrine to see if he has anything up his selves, and yes he did. Herobrine nodded and smiled, turning back to the fight, grinning madly, before summoning everyone's worst nightmare. Some was able to overcome them, yet some couldn't, and those were the ones that fell, the ones that couldn't take it anymore. They were losing faith, rapidly and soon no one had hope. Many fell, when they came. North, Alfonzo, Paige, Fernst, Diesel, Lazylilith, Jordant, Firelegowillow and Min. etc.

They came and help raise our hopes, revived the fallen and to join them in the fight, to win it all. But then, everything went to a all time low. Every weapon, every armour they had, broke. Gone. Disappeared. That is when the rest came. Before anything bad could happen to the fighters, the final people came. Ender, Meldebious, Arctic, Tunnler and Smokey, etc. Once they arrived, with back up, with extra weapons, extra armor. This made everyone smile and began to fight again. Everything was dying in a unbelievable rate. Everyone was working so well and a team, everyone understood what they were fighting for. Herobrine saw what happened and betrayed Israphel. Pushed him into the mob fest and retreated. Leaving Israphel to die under their hands. Once they killed all that was evil, they rested. Mike and Nick they stood up to say how grateful they were that more people helped. But then Honeydew and Xephos stood up to, say we should make a peace world, where we can all be at peace and be ready to fight Herobrine as he can come back at anytime, anywhere. Everyone agreed, and Mike and Nick sorted out everyone's positions From Trusted to Owner [Trusted, VIP, Rolemodel, Mod, Admin, Owner]. They made the world, BeardedCraft. This meant that everyone would be there at the right time at the right place, to fight against the return of Herobrine.

So will you join the battle, or stay in the sidelines like the members? Will we let Herobrine take over, or destroy him for good? Will see, as we grow, will you grow with us?


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This server either has no mods installed, or doesn't respond to public queries. Please enable public queries, or ask your server admin, on your server to list players and mods. This will help users find your server.


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  • #2 Year

    twas a not so long time ago bout November ish 2012 on the original beardedcraft server(not supra)
    i was wandering around spawn searching fro someone to team with when i met (i forgot his full name but it had potato in it) so we wandered 2 feet out of spawn and set up our houses later that day i set up a path connecting the houses and to the spawn after a few days i was shocked to see that that path had grew into a bustling town
    which we decided to name hometown due to how close it was to spawn
    after that we had many adventures slaying the enderdragon ect
    launch bearded craft 2.0 i had been away for a few days new sever and spawn lost all my items wast that annoyed but anyway we proceed to go find someone  an then me fcuk(im pretty sure that was his name) went and built a hhouse it was alright
    then yet another few days pass
    i suddenly don't have permission for that area and fcuk had vanished
    irl for a sec
    me and my freind were talking on our way to school i told him about the server and he is now the vip you know as diesel
    so then after me trying to add him on skype for the bajilionth time(spelling error) we set off to built the house i still live in today
    fast forward a few weeks
    i had just came back from minecon and the goody bag came with a free minecraft
    my friend couldn't get it because of his parents and ERMEGHERD VARAISES etc any way i give him the code and the ip and now we have DLGAnonomous
    then i began to lose interest in the server (damn you terraria)
    but then me and my freinds had a protect idea and DLG and oakers123 had built a bar on our plot (i went and snazzed it up a little
    and now we are here with our town still under construction

    Player: zse4rffb

  • #3 Year

    I was looking for a good server (a small, 24/7, new one) and found SupraCraft. Tried it and love at first sight. Didn't talk much, and I went exploring.
    Managed to find two dungeons. and I played so much with them underground. I eventually dug to the surface to see that someone built a village above me. :P I met the villagers and joined the village and played almost daily. After playing for a good time, getting veteran, meeting more people, the server was closed. Didn't know why, and I waited for about two weeks. I realized it was DOWN. I went back to the thread by Year aka Nick on minecraft forum about SupraCraft and realized it was now 'BeardedCraft'. I joined again, and was greeted by other SupraCraft players. Then it closed. Then I went back to the thread awhile later to see it was open again. (BC 2) Joined, and played on it to where I am today.

    Player: RussellThePirate

  • #4 Year

    When I first joined I was a bit nervous because it was my first time on a multiplayered server. At first I had no idea what to do so I felt like such a noob and I died many times in warp wild... I had no home and so someone decided to give me an empty plot which was the side of a hill... Given by ethan. After some people started to get to know me my true first friend was tomboy524. I then started to learn how to earn money and do lottery and then what do ya know I got trusted while mining! ( it was when u had to play a certain amount of time to earn it) this is not even half of my amazing experience in bearded craft but I have to get off so animal out-  

    Player: animalassassin

  • #5 Year

    I started when the auto-rank came was still here. I was, you know as well, not that talkative at first, but aren't we all at first? Anyways, I died quite a bit when i started as it was night time, but i still went. Then i told my friend to join, Sandman619 [idk, cant remember] and then i built a path to his home. Soon I made a path to a small dome which is now the spawn point my /warp cityinthetrees . From there [probably earlier a little] I began to talk, and well I made tons of friends. Made a huge part of my city when i hit 'Veteran' I could disguise and stuff. I hit about 48 hours when the sever changed to just Members, trusted and legend i think. No more Veteran for me :_: i thought. But Continued to play. Then on to the whitelisted trusted. I was totally cool with it as i made tons of friends already, and continue to play more. And my city has grown a lot over the months. And Comes the assassin group. The guilds, etc. You know the rest. Overall, it was and is and will be awesome growing with this server. And what ever happen, i do hope that i can still play as i grow older etc~


    Player: SnowyAssassin

  • #6 Year
    I joined back in January, and I was at my friends house, and we were all playing Minecraft... So I was just browsing Minecraft Forums, for a new server to play on, and then I saw one, that caught my eye... looked like an eccentric name, and catch! (at first and up until recently... I thought it was BeardedCraftia....) So I chicken on it and joined... and then I built my house next to Rapid, and then I lived happily ever after... <3

    I am >>VERY GLAD<< I picked to join this server, I have had a BLAST on this server. This is by far the best server I have EVER been on.
    Player: ajz2017
  • #7 Year

    When i came on the server i got a warm welcome of no noise. I was wondering around the jungle and decided to breaka big tree and I didn't knwo that teh tree assit plugin was on and I was like OMG! Then I went an teamed up with Awesomething999 and Srubs then I eventuly set a hotel (Still to open) and i became part of the communitytown and well thats it.

    And i alo found a house beside mine 1 day read teh post before me t was AJZ! well then he chased me for about 10 misn throughout the servr into a minshaft and across teh destert.

    THis is the only server i play on!

    Player: RapidPandaFire03

  • #8 Year

    Joined in around december of 2012. Didn't do much until I finally settled down in a spot. didn't focus much on building, just exploring and crafting. And thats how it went for roughly a month, doing various oddjobs until I built sandsail. And ended up cementing myself in beardedcraft as a great builder. Recieving praise from everyone for my skills. And I continue to impress people with those skills :I

    Player: lumpyjor5808

  • #9 Year

    So I've been here since late-ish Supra, and am one of the alumni of the SupraCraft Veterans. I originally joined because I got tired of PVPing my Minecraft carrier away and am still being pretty terrible. Original Supra was PVP but you could get out of that. Now the PVP is much more controlled. Over all I thought the server had a charming little community, and felt this would be a much better server to spend my time on. I also thought there could be improvements but those have been long solved thanks to Nick. I even remember when ID was a legend!
    I come to the server daily because I feel it's where I belong.

    In addition seeing BC 1 & 2 it's just gotten better, and bigger  

    Player: Fernst

  • #10 Year

    I, a lowly and damned creature, was quite bored and lonely. After searching through countless servers of different types and sizes, one by the name of "SupraCraft" caught my eye. I remember logging in for the first time and watching as Nick was lecturing some player over his/her behavior. I was rather quiet at first, only speaking when I had a question (thought I had many, many questions). I hadn't even realized that Nick was any type of staff member, as his green name (which was just "member" rank) threw me off. If I remember correctly, my first friends were Skylord_Maliq and RussellThePirate.

    Days, weeks, even a month had passed. I had gotten to know practically everyone on the server, including the staff members. I believe that I was fairly liked and seen as that goofball who brightened people's days. Or, that's what I like to think, atleast. I was very faithful to the server. Then, Adam (SupraCraft's owner, for those who don't know) began recruiting moderators. I was excited. I sent out a (somewhat poor) application as quickly as possible. The suspense was killing me! This would've been the first time I had ever gotten a staff position on a Minecraft server, if they accepted.

    A few days later, I got an e-mail. It was titled "SupraCraft Staff Manual". I was accepted, and I couldn't be anymore happier. I went through rigorous staff training (and by that, I mean I had to Google things constantly). Yeah, I was HORRIBLE at protections at first, which caused A LOT of people to dislike me. The SupraCraft community was getting more and more frustrated with me. I didn't mind though. They had every right to be, I suppose.

    Suddenly, SupraCraft stopped. Completely. The server crashed and never came back. I was sad. I had so much fun on that server, and felt that it was all for nothing. I went back to Planet Minecraft and began searching for another server. Weeks had passed by this time. I hadn't found a server with a community that respected and liked me as much as Supra's. Suddenly, a ray of light shined down from the heavens! BeardedCraft! "What is this?" I thought to myself as I clicked the link for the server. As I logged in, I saw the names of people I once new. Skylord_Maliq, Nxck, Tanker_KT, idwlod_MC, all of you guys. I thought it was just some odd coincidence, like maybe we've all been looking for a server as well and just found ourselves in the same one at the same time. But really, what are the odds of that happening?

    After Nick explained the story of what happened, I finally knew to delete SupraCraft off of my server list. Yeah, sure, I hated to see the place go, but I knew I'd never see it again. This was my new home. I remember the process of having to regain my moderator title back and how it felt the same as how it did before I got it on Supra. It was exciting, but also nerve wrecking. And, now we're here. I've moved up in the world, becoming an administrator and all. It makes me feel...important, somewhat. Sure, I still mess up. Don't we all? As long as BeardedCraft stays, I don't think you could give me a reason to leave. I'll be here until the server shuts down for good (which is something that I don't forsee). I love you guys. From our staff chats that put a smile on my face to just how friendly some of you are to me. Sure, there's a few rotten apples, but the pros outweigh the cons. You guys are the best.

    That's my story.

    Player: david22429

  • #12 SusHayPlay

    Hello My name is Emmett or jjboyhayes on minecraft (my minecraft account got got hacked so i use my friends) and I would really like to be staff how exactly does that work?


  • #13 HaHaYoloswag


    Is My Minecraft name and i would like to be trusted


  • #14 grovyel

    owner of this sever please add a warp called have fun and build together. it is where people build cool stuff not alone but with a friend.

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