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Howdee Guys and Girls.

We run a small 60 slot server which is whitelisted at the moment. I'm fairly new to Tekkit but and old hand on Minecraft so if there was a tee shirt with "seen it and done it" I've worn a few over the years. WOW that sounded good as I've not done it all.

So what can we offer you on our server. We are pretty laid back and that's how we like to run the server. Even admins I've had on my servers have said that to me but this has always kept players on their toes as they know they can lose out if they break our simple rules.

What can you offer the server. Well you can make the server a better place to visit and a place for players to just chillax and wind down. Its running the basic plugins and there are plenty out there like Towny and Factions which I've tried on other servers but yet to add to this one. So I am building it from the ground up (level 64 to be more exact).

Where is the server up to now. If you wish to take a look, goto and you will see a few worlds, the first is AntzMine and that one is the new Tekkit with all the resources that come with it. The other "world" world is our lets play world which can be viewed on twitch.tv. We also have a 3rd world which is creative but you need to be a very trusted player to go in there.

Once you have arrived at the city you go through the standard "read me rules", I know its boring but it really does help to get you going and it will give you a heads up on what our server is all about. The main thing you will probably want is your own protected plot and these are given free either inside or outside the main city. If you want one just ask and its yours from sky to bedrock (numbers are limited inside the city). Outside the walls we usually do 4x4 chunks protected with worldguard but these have to be a long way from the city.We only give 1 plot to newer players but once we get to know you and have seen you around for a bit feel free to ask for another plot. you can then have 1 inside and 1 outside the city walls. The best choice for newer players as they give more space is outside, but its your choice.

Down to the rules. Apart form the normal rules, we are pretty strict on swearing as we all know a slip of the tongue happens but on a keyboard, come on!

To be added to the whitelist please ask at our website or tell us the following. The "banned" question we check up on so if you don't get in you know why!




Have you ever been banned and if so why? :-

A little more info is always appreciated:-



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