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Mythcraft is a lord of the rings rp server.  We are in the 4th age of the middle earth.  We have strict rp rules like dwarves can not use swords.  The tale of our server can be found in mythcraft.uphero.com, although it is not done yet.  We wait every player who enjoys rp and lord of the rings.  We dont have classes, players plays mostly survival, but each race has its own mcmmo skill.  Its most interesting feature is it has both turkish speaking and english speaking players.We use whitelist.

In our server we have plugins like factions, iconomy ect..  We add new plugins for rp spirit

English: English is Westron.  Dwarves, men and hobbits speaks westron.
Turkish: Turkish is Orcish/sindarin.  Elves and orcs speaks it.

BETA: Server is still in beta due to construction of 8000x8000 middle earth.  We will include all cities minor or major and all terrains and when it is done server time will start passing.

Our server is 7/24 open and has 48 player limit for now
Exact link: http://mythcraft.for...st-f116305.html

What Do we Offer?
-We do not have /back like commands we try to be close to vanilla
-Great rp rules developing each day.
-With ships plugins wars at sea and land
-The middle-earth experience with its proper map.
-Mandatory and fun rp 

What Can I Play As? (Only English Speaking factions are included)

Factions: Gondor, Arnor

Gondor: Gongor faction is being ruled by King Arantar son of Eldarion.  Its borders are similar to the borders at the time of War of the ring.  Gondorians are brave warriors and good craftsman.
Arnor: Coming soon

Hobbits are peaceful.  They are no warriors.  They live in Shire.  They dance and sleep.  At the moment wars of middle earth did not concern them.  Orcs of Mordor attacks elves and does not concern hobbits.  You can join Shire

Factions: Moria,
Moria: After the death of Durin's Bane, Durin VII's Dalin Mithril helm founded Moria again.

Erebor: Coming Soon

Beginners Guide
Welcome to Mythcraft community. In this guide i will try to illuminate your path as much as I can. I will use step by step method for I find it easier.

1. When you login you will start in an underground location, on signs you will find login instructions.

2. When logged in your rank will be [stranger], only a vala or owner can change your rank (race), if there is no vala(admin) online do not panic. Send an ingame mail to sheczar. /mail send Sheczar please make my rank bla. Rank is race meaning Man, Hobbit etc.

3. The town you start will not look line a lotr city. It is a multinational half-rp city. The spawn city is in the middle of middle earth map, at its west there is Fangorn forest while south west isengard and so on.. You can find actual places using an actual lotr map.

4. Faction choosing:  You will join to the proper faction for you race when you join.  Leaving it later is your choice.

5. Make yourself a home near the faction you joined, or if alone you are just make sure its hidden.

6. Read illuvatars laws (not ready yet)

7. Choose an rp job, cook, gatherer or blacksmith

8. Your purpose is your doing, find your own path or follow your lords.

Whitelist Information

To prevent players who do not know rp or lotr we now use white-list:

Forum exact link:http://mythcraft.forumer.com/whitelist-request-f116305.html
Forum: mythcracft.forumer.com


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Server Mods

This server either has no mods installed, or doesn't respond to public queries. Please enable public queries, or ask your server admin, on your server to list players and mods. This will help users find your server.


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