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Background information:

Server IP:
Server Slots: 50
Server website: //No Suspicion in Stevetown subforum yet.

Server Specs:
► Intel Xeon E3-1230 CPU (Quad Core 3.60Ghz Turbo)
► 16GB DDR3 ECC Memory
► 120GB Intel 320 SSD
► 30TB Bandwidth at 1gbps

Server Features:
► Bukkit (Updated!)
► NoCheatPlus
► Custom Coded Core
► Custom coded ranking system with new items every rank
► Complete Trouble in Terrorist Town System! (Traitors, Innocents, and a detective)
► 7 Maps!

Trouble In Terrorist Town. IN Minecraft? Before we get into the details, I would like to say this. This server is in NO way a copy of the Vareide Trouble In Mineville servers. So before you embarrass yourself, please read on. Advanced servers like this take months to code. Trust me when I say this is no easy work. This server was the collaboration and ideas from one month of heavy testing, way before the other servers were released.

How To Play:
Playing the game is simple, understanding it is not. See, Suspicion In Steve town is unique, but heavily incorporates elements from Garry's Mod Trouble In Terrorist town. However, please read on, as there is much to say. Suspicion in Steve Town, at its core, is a very unqiue and fun experience when done right. There are 3 parties:

Innocents: Your job is to figure out who the detectives are. You must use your well judgement, as well as things such as the Testatron 5000, to pick out the traitors from the innocents. Incorrectly killing fellow innocents will only lose you valuable points and karma. Try to succeed, or die trying, but make sure you know who you are killing. In fact, if you don't you will get negative karma. This signifies to players that you cannot be trusting, and makes you do less damage.

Traitors: You know who everyone on the field is. Simple, huh? Destroy the innocents, and above all, eliminate that pesky detective... Seems easy, right? Wrong. The detective and his innocent pawns have an assortment of tools to find out who you are. Additionally, killing players in the open is a bad idea. Others may catch on that you are a traitor and attempt to eliminate you. Kill stealthily and silently, and destroy all evidence that you ever existed.

Detective: You have many tools which can help you destroy the terrorists. Force everyone to get tested, or use some of those special tools. Either way, the innocents and you are a team versus the traitors... The only issue is finding who are innocents.

Basically, no one is sure of who anyone is but the detective when the game starts. In this way, traitor's goals are to eliminate the detective and his innocent pawns. Innocents goal is to protect the detective. Detectives goal is to find and help eliminate traitors.

What Makes Us Unique?:
Our ranking and advanced shop system, as well as our quick paced games. No more boring waiting time. No more getting kicked after every round. 30 seconds after a game and you are immediately in another. Additionally, we currently have 7 maps, as opposed to the other server's 2. Our ranking system proves new equipment and items with every single rank, and getting points is a breeze. Additionally, we have extremely detailed stat tracking. See the commands for more information.

/shop - Shows the general shop. Buy ranks and items with points earned here.
/buy [ID] - Buys an item that corresponds with the shop #.
/tchat (message) - When you are a traitor, this sends a private message to all other traitors.
/tshop - Buys special traitor items with separate traitor points. Traitor points reset every game, and are earned by killing innocent players or the detective as a traitor.
/tbuy [ID] - Buys an item that corresponds with the traitor shop #.
/ticket - Donor feature. Tickets allow you to choose to be a traitor during grace period, so you will become a traitor no matter what next round.
/pshop - When you reach the max rank, you can prestige and buy some very valuable items...
/pbuy [ID] - Buys an item that corresponds with the prestige shop #.
/role - Shows you whether you are traitor, innocent, or detective in case you forget.


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This server either has no mods installed, or doesn't respond to public queries. Please enable public queries, or ask your server admin, on your server to list players and mods. This will help users find your server.


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